BullBankers Auto-Staking Protocol


Fixed Staking APY


BANKERS provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it’s BBAS protocol (BullBankers Auto-Stake Protocol). BullBankers delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, paid every 15 minutes, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your $BANKERS portfolio in your wallet at a lightning fast pace.

All BANKERS holders are rewarded with automatic compound interest which is paid every 15 minutes.

How much can I Earn?

Our products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you effortlessly generate cash flow from your crypto.

At the end of the year and with $1,000 USD of $BANKERS invested.

You can earn up to $3,993,911 USD of $BANKERSat 499.9% APY*.

*Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the BBAS sustains the rebase interest for 365 days.

6.66% Daily Return for 30 days - 200% ROI (no limits, deposit any amount any times).

You can earn up to $BANKERSat 2.400% APY*.

*10% Referral Reward | 10% fee buy back BANKERS tokens automatically (not affect on your deposit and earnings amount).

How our Launchpad Works

BullBankers provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable model of fixed compound interest through STAKE NFT´S LOTTERY and new projects through the use of its BBAS protocol. This means that all products and projects launched on our launchpad will be to sustainably promote the BANKERS token..


$BANKERS is the native token which interest rebase rewards are paid. Every token holder automatically receives 0.02394% interest every 15 minutes just for holding $BANKERS tokens in their own wallet!

BullBankers Insurance Fund

The BBIF serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and longterm sustainability of the BANKERS Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.02394% rebase rate paid to all $BANKERS token holders.

The Furnace

3% of all $BANKERS traded are burnt in the Furnace. The more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the furnace to grow in size reducing the circulating supply and keeping the BullBankers protocol stable.


Crypto’s Highest Paying Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol with the greatest fixed APY in the industry of 499.9%. Interest rewards are compounded every 15 minutes for every BSC wallet holding any $BANKERS tokens.

Bankers Treasury

The Treasury provides support to the BBIF in the event of an extreme price drop in the $BANKERS token. The Treasury also funds investments, new BullBankers projects and marketing for BullBankers.

BullBankers Insurance Fund (BBIF)

5% of all trading fees are stored in the BullBankers Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

The Furnace

How it Works

3% of all $BANKERS traded are burnt in the Furnace. The more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the furnace to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping Banker's protocol stable.

BullBankers Auto-Liquidity Engine

Every 48 hours our Bankers Auto-Liquidity Engine will inject automatic liquidity into the market.

The remaining 50% of BANKERS in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the BullBankers of liquidity, therefore giving equal an 50/50 weighting of BANKERS/BNB which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair & raising amount of liquidity in the pool.

The BullBankers Auto Liquidity engine will do this every 48 hours by adding more and more liquidity to the pool which will allow $BANKERS token holders to easily sell their tokens at anytime with little to no market slippage. It will also aid in maintaining protocol stability to make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of Bankers.

Automatic injection of liquidity from a hard- coded function every 48 hours!

No manual override ability to pause or stop liquidity from being added.

Allows for complete APY sustainability until maximum supply is reached.






Automatic LP

1% of order fees return to liquidity

BullBankers Insurance Fund

1% of order fees are stored in BBIF


3% of BUY order and 5% of SELL order fees go to the treasury


1% of BullBankers is burnt in the furnace

Competitive Advantages


  • APY

  • Fees

  • Automatic Burn

  • Sustainable Rebasing

  • Insurance Fund

  • Auto-Liquidity

  • Auto-Staking

  • Fees Hard Coded

  • Auto-Staking Hard Coded

  • Rug-Proof: No Minting Code

  • Rug-Proof: No Manual Adjusting

  • Rug-Proof: Fixed Rebase Time

  • Rug-Proof: Liquidity Locked

  • Manual Token Buyback

  • 499,999.99%

  • 6% / 8%


  • 102,483.58%

  • 13% / 18%


  • 158,893.59%

  • 15% / 25%